Our tents, which we have created as a result of our years of R&D studies, have a design that you can set up and collect by yourself in a very short time.
Whether for Summer… Whether Winter… Enjoy the nature without worrying about cold and heat in our tents that we produce with 1st class materials for you.
We always prioritize customer satisfaction and do not compromise on our understanding of quality so that you can use your tents for many years.
Our tents, which are your window to the sky in nature, offer a comfortable camping experience with their practical and wide usage areas as well as their quality.


Although our products are the favorite products of nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and travelers in many parts of the world, they continue to be used with pleasure for years. In particular, our vehicle-mounted tents, which will be called automotive tourism, have been a historical start for people’s dreams with their mechanical functioning, ease of use and comfort that makes them feel at home.


As Mekik Motors, the most important feature of having a young team is to form the basis of the sector for many years based on continuous and permanent development of our products. We do our job in the best, fairest and most accurate way without moving away from any quality element in our field. In the interactive model, which is our way of working, we see the diligence of each of our staff as our greatest source of motivation and by being involved in active responsibility awareness; We carry out planning, R&D, production, marketing and budgeting cycles in the best way.


Our biggest goal is to export all our products, which we have developed with the understanding of 100% domestic production and which we are currently continuing mass production, all over the world with our mission of determination. We believe that we will increase our growth rate of 50% every year to higher levels in the future. Although our international production approach causes us to sell our own brand in many countries, our vision to carry this flag to higher levels by increasing our product range continues with determination.

Mekik Motors started its business life in 2014. It has become an organization that directs the sector by conducting R&D studies and productions in many areas of the automotive sector. With a young, dynamic and strong understanding, it has continuously developed innovation and infrastructure works and has been at the forefront in technical and engineering fields for years.

There has been a growing interest in outdoor and nature tourism in the world, and this interest has led people to look for different accommodation alternatives and comfortable areas with easy transportation. As Mekik Motors, we combined this interest with our own knowledge and technical skills and infrastructure in the automotive sector and started the design and manufacturing of vehicle-mounted tents, caravans and other 4×4 accessories. Thus, a new engineering work started for us.

Mekik Motors Vehicle mounted tents are your new generation homes that take your dreams one step further. The main difference in becoming the best brand in the world market with its luxurious structure and patented design is that we are doing a complete engineering work. All our products make you feel your freedom and personal independence. Because meeting quality in nature requires it.

Otak (the name given to the temporary tents established in the Ottoman Empire) is the name given to Mekik Motors products. Taking advantage of the developments in the automotive sector, we continued to produce products with shock absorbers and vertical rising, and then we launched vehicle awnings for all family size and small roof type vehicles.

Mekik Motors is the only brand in the world that makes them suitable for every vehicle type: We have realized awning applications in every vehicle where roof rails can be applied. Because there could be no limit to being in nature and enjoying a tent on a boat! Mekik Motors continues to develop and improve its new production targets for the future.

Otak products, which are sold extremely fast in many countries besides Turkey, are among the fastest growing companies in the world compared to previous years through major distributors and dealerships.

Life is short, don’t miss it!