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Roof Top Tent History

The first truck tent ideas were introduced in Western Europe in the early 1930s. Vehicle-mounted tents, the most popular region of which is Italy, have spread all over the world over time and have become more preferable than ground tents. With the advancement of technology, at the beginning of 1953, on-board tents, which are the infrastructure of today’s designs, started to be produced. The logic of the tents was the same as that of a regular floor tent, with sticks inside. In 2003, a French manufacturer produced the first light soft shell tent. Products that offered limited possibilities with the intermediate scarves of those times are presented to you in Mekik Motors in an improved way.


These tents, which were only soft-shell fabric when they were first produced, were mounted directly on the roof of the vehicle. Entrance was provided by supporting the ladder to the front of the vehicle. With the development of humanity, hard shell tents were passed. Fiberglass, carbon fiber and ABS plastic started to be used. Systems and designs were developed and turned into what they are today.


The tents we produce are reinforced with the latest technology and have been made the most comfortable and safe for you. In the past, it was not less than 10 minutes to install and shut down, but nowadays we provide you the easiest way by offering installation and shutdown in less than 1 minute.


Our products are linked to their past and still bear their traces. We aim to provide you a luxurious stay with our innovative style. Thank you for choosing us and we wish you happy camps.

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