What they said about us?


Our meeting with Mekik Motors dates back to 2 years ago. I continue this year with the beautiful people I met with the Otak 360 model, with the Aircamp model. Everyone who works, hisses in a few family environments with its dynamic and energetic structure; Nice community of people that you should stop by not only to buy products, but for a coffee and a nice chat …



Today, Earth Day 🌍 we realized how wonderful it is to live with what it offers us in these days when we realize the beauty of the world … Now we patiently look forward to the moments when we will enjoy the sunset in our Otak car tent. Let’s be nice to the world 🙏🏻



No one can tell us that we cannot go on big adventures with the tiny details in our lives … We had a dream and the only thing we had to do to make it happen was to take our courage with us. We have reached the vehicle top tent we wanted for our passenger car. Who can stop us now!



We missed collecting everything and going somewhere where we would feel calm … Even in America, our Otak car tent is ready, everything that will be enough for us is in our luggage … We want to be thrown into the healing arms of nature more than anything. But we know: if you’re ready for journeys, the road awaits you.



I am a user of Mekik Motors otak series on-vehicle tent. I used it in all weather conditions, I am very satisfied. A young team that does very well, creating very good products, continuing their development work. Congratulations