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Hello everyone. First of all, you would make us very happy if you read each line believing in our sincerity. It was exactly 1 year ago that we met with Mekik motors company. What a wisdom is it was the first company that came before me when I started researching on-board tents and was the first and last for us. While saying that it would not be possible for my Fiat Punto vehicle, we placed the order with the support of Eyüp Bey. Thank you, they sent the product in good condition and assembled it. After this hour, we have made the start of pleasant camps, safe above the ground, without worrying in the rain and mud, without feeling cold on the ground. Our family ties with them never broke off after shopping. They patiently answered our every question. Later, we went to the vehicle change and bought the sandero and we received the intermediate scarf recommendation from Baran Bey, again from the company. This time, we ordered the side awning according to the needs. Thank you, they sent it as soon as possible among the order density. Again, of course, we sold the product, the job was not finished. There was a tightening problem in the telescopic legs of the tent. When I told Mr. Baran, he said, `` We did their research with them, and I will send you the 4-piece team we have produced. I asked them to send a telescopic ladder and a side curtain wall without needing to say anything. I had it all in a day. I always remember the words of Baran Bey; "Our products we sell are always under our guarantee, up to your children." Everyone gives you such a guarantee, but when it comes to action, everyone is pulled into their own corner. This is what we've been through from A to Z, from plus to minus. Now they have managed to poke our heads with the aircamp model again. We are trying hard to avoid placing an order with my wife. Let me not go without mentioning that my wife is sleeping more peacefully and comfortably than me, or she is enough for me. Good thing you have the Mekik Motors family ...

Canay A.

First of all, I examined all the on-board tents one by one. Some of them have a good shell, some have a good shell, a bad fabric, and so I decided on Mekik Motors. First of all, do not believe those who try to mislead you with nonsense like no fiber smells. Fiber is an insulated material and protects you from heat, cold, current, precipitation. It never smells. It can also be repaired when damaged. For this reason, fiber is used in all caravans and motor yachts. The fiber and mold used by the shuttle motor are very good, so the aerodynamics are also very good. you can adjust the angle. When closed, it is tiny. 2 people and a pet friend can stay very comfortably. I can say that the thermal insulation is 10 times better than the normal tent.

Eren T.

I highly appreciate and review comments while buying any product or going anywhere .. so I write sincerely for an idea .. When we go to their place on a Saturday before buying the product, they welcome us very warmly. Although it was weekend and late, they waited for us just to look at the product before closing it. With the information we receive there, sincere and explanatory answers to all our questions, they remove whatever comes to your mind. As for the product .. it is a very comfortable, very durable product that adds comfort to your camping pleasure. We are very glad we bought it. Even after receiving the product, when I have the slightest question, they answered all my questions by calling or via WhatsApp, they helped. You bought the product, come on, your work is finished and see what you are in, the company has no logic. On the contrary, if there is something that you are not satisfied with, they do whatever they can ... and do you have a side that I am not satisfied with? No, it's a separate issue ayrı there are many on-board tent companies, of course, but these products are purchased only once, I think the company that can be preferred for the appearance of the product, its durability, comfort and after-sales support.

Samet Ş.

I have been using Mekik Motors' Otak 360 vehicle top tent and side awnings for a long time. Eyüp and Baran's smiling faces, energy and quality are definitely reflected in the products they produce. Although the products I have been using for two years are their first production, insulation did not cause any problems in terms of comfort and practicality. I would like to thank them endlessly for their contribution to our economy and that Turkish entrepreneur companies have proven that they can produce with quality above imported products in production and in the field.

Mahir O.

Mekikmotors company, which we met about 6 months ago, is a company that really steers our lives. We would like to thank this company, which has never left our questions unanswered since the first day we started to meet, and which is truly unique in the on-vehicle tent industry and most importantly, sees you as a family, not a customer.

Biz Gidiyoruz Online

I met Mekik motors company about 5 months ago when I was doing a hotel price search for a holiday, when I saw a friend of mine and I liked it very much. It made much more sense in the current pandemic period and I contacted Mr. Baran upon my friend's recommendation. During the order process, I went through a very relevant process where I could get answers to all my questions. Although I ordered by phone from Alanya, the installation of my on-board tent was done perfectly on the delivery date that was sent to me. Afterwards, we would like to thank this company, which sees us not as customers but as families. I would strongly recommend anyone with the idea of a car tent, which is definitely shuttle motors.

Latif Y.

Thank you for choosing us... 

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