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Is It Suitable For Every Vehicle?

Our Mekik Motors vehicle top tents can be mounted on any vehicle that can be fitted with tweezers. Since the laths of your vehicles vary, it can be easily mounted with special scarves for your vehicle, and you can easily assemble the intermediate scarves produced for vehicles without laths.

Can it be applied to vehicles with glass roof or sunroof?

The assembly of our tents is done not on the roof of the vehicle, but by taking power from the connection points of the vehicle, that is, from the main chassis. Thus, you can easily mount it to your vehicle, regardless of the roof structure of the vehicle.

Is it easy to assemble the vehicle top tent? How is it do?

Our Mekik Motors vehicle top tents are made very easily with vehicle connection equipment.

Are Mekik Motors vehicle top tents resistant to harsh weather conditions?

Both our fiberglass production formula and fabric processing in our products are designed for harsh weather conditions. All of our products are produced above international quality standards by carrying out ISO tests. Our products are durable up to -20⁰ / 50⁰ degrees and are suitable for protecting you from external factors.

What is the carrying capacity of Mekik Motors vehicle top tents?

You can examine the accommodation capacities of our products in the product information section. However, the durability capacities of the products are between 350 – 550 kg on average.

What is the speed limit for traveling with vehicle top tents?

While our products are on your vehicle, they have no effect on the course of the vehicle and fuel, due to the aero dynamics of the design. The recommended speed limit is the same as standard road speed limits.

What are the main materials of Mekik Motors roof top tent?

All of our products contain Fiberglass material and are completely handmade. The bottom base of our Air Camp models is made of a very light yet robust Honeycomb material used in the aircraft and missile industries. Definitely ABS plastic, Playhood etc. We do not use materials.

Where and how do you manufacture your Mekik Motors vehicle top tents?

Our products are produced in our 2 main production factories located in Istanbul Ataşehir and Kocaeli Köseköy regions. We produce our products meticulously with 100% hand workmanship, every stage from fabric to fiberglass is under our control and production.

Does the vehicle top tent cause problems while passing the inspection?

In the assembly of our products, your vehicle is mounted without any technical changes and without any intervention to the vehicle, so your tent is evaluated in the vehicle accessory category such as roof racks without the need to operate the license. After assembling our on-vehicle tent on your vehicle, you can go to the inspection with peace of mind and have your procedures done naturally.

Do your roof top tents affect fuel consumption?

While our products are on your vehicle, they have no effect on the fuel of the vehicle due to its aerodynamic design.