Frequently Asked Questions

An altenative storage on you any car – having the tent on the roof means you have more space in your car for other gear. Security – up off the ground makes things less accessible to animals and people. Cheaper than any caravans or RV – enjoy some of the comforts and mobility of an RV on a less budget. Practically usage and a new lifestyle for you where ever you want.
Rooftop tents need stiff bottoms with plenty of support. They also include ladders and need to be collapsible and safe for driving. 
Yes, they will. There are a few recommended brands for roof racks: Thule, Turtle but others will work just fine. Roof Top Tents can be installed on flat racks, cross bars or a canopy. Just make sure that your racks have a Dynamic Weight Capacity (DWC) of at least the weight of the tent
Our roof top tents are made of fiberglass and consist of multiple layers. Gelcoat paint used against ultraviolet rays is used and the inner surface is completely painted black. In this way, it is impossible to pass through the upper and lower body in the cold in winter and the hot in the summer. In the winter period when the fabrics used can be very frequent between knitting, can be easily accommodated. Even human heat can make a tent with very low air extremely very useful without the need for additional materials.
With the general rooftop tents, fuel economy did drop, as you'd expect. However, it dropped substantially, down to 18.5 mpg. That's a 2 liters drop in fuel economy over the same 66-mile loop. With Mekik Motors products these number is lover than the statistic cause of our aerodynamical design.
Yes they are. You can use our roof top tents for any car that you have. Renault Twingo RTT : Ford Ranger RTT :
We can not make stock because of dailiy high quantity of orders. The orders are made with your offer. And the payment is in Advance.
As Mekik Motors, we produce lockable on-vehicle tents to keep this possibility to a minimum. That's why we recommend you to buy quality locks. We also use fiber nuts to prevent the tent from being stolen from the vehicle. In this way, since the thieves will have a difficult experience that will not even be stooped, the probability of the tent being stolen will be very low.
As Mekik Motors, we realize special designs. We produce vehicle side awnings, in-car kitchen, special pickup caravan designs, cabin caravan and carrier trailer mobile caravan.
Yeah. While our products reached 40 countries in 2019, our products started to be used in 20 countries in the first 2 months of 2020.