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Product description
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Specially designed for you to open 270 °. Our product is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 years and the user is guaranteed for 10 years.

Use a wide area that extends to the rear of your vehicle as you wish with the 270-degree side awning, where the angle of the sun will not move you from your place. Being easy to open and close, turns even your short breaks into the most attractive resting area.

Fabrics provide 100% protection against sun rays and rain. While the rainwater is evacuated by the short and wheeled rods, you can rest under the awning despite the sun rays thanks to the 3000D fabric.


Open: 2.50 m
Closed: 2.45 m


15 KG

Outer Sheath



Acrylic 3000 D polycotton

Used Area

Average 10 m2


Khaki and Beige

It has 3 telescopic rods.
There are storm equipment.
It is only 15 kg.
With its waterproof protective cover, you do not need to remove it from your vehicle.

Application is made to the lath, roll bar or basket on the vehicle with 3 connection brackets. Although each bracket has a carrying capacity of 60 kg, the weight of the awning is only 15 kg. The 270-degree side awning provides a strong use against stormy weather, with both telescopic rods and storm materials, as do some of the few brands in the world. It is suitable for all weather conditions and does not cause mold and is produced with similar fabrics. It is resistant to UV rays.

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