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Roof Top Tent Tricks

First of all, the Vehicle Mounted Tent is a great comfort. Wherever you drive your car, your home comes with you. Whether you want a seaside or a peaceful forest place in nature, you choose the time and enjoy the moment… Sleeping on your own vehicle will give you confidence. While even a second is very valuable in human life, add time to your life thanks to its easy installation of max 3 minutes. We know that you are very tired on your long travels, pull your car to the side of the road and enjoy the pleasure of a Vehicle Mounted Tent. Forget all the camping you’ve done before because Car Tents will give you a completely different experience, why? We offer time, comfort and safety. Aren’t you tired of sleeping on the ground and fighting insects? We have thought of everything for you and your family.

Welcome to Mekik Motors family.

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