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Why a Roof Top Tent?

Thanks to the world’s new trend of vehicle-mounted tents, having a balcony that opens to nature wherever you want, wherever your vehicle can enter, will make you much more privileged than accommodations such as ground tents.

Who doesn’t want to get the comfort they get in their bed even in the coldest weather, even in the desert heat? Here, Mekik Motors meets all your needs with its alternative accommodation service and safe products thanks to its vehicle-mounted tents.

The products, which are 100% handcrafted, successfully protect you from reptiles, dangerous animals and harsh climates, and most importantly, ensure your safety and protect our precious families and children from these dangers.

The most reassuring aspect of the vehicle-mounted tents, which will lead you to stay in the safest way in situations such as epidemics worldwide and a possible earthquake / flood disaster, is of course the most reassuring aspect for you to be with you in every situation you need with your tastes.

Car top tents are now compatible for all vehicles, carefully and laboriously prepared for everyone who is bored in the city among the concrete piles or who does not feel safe in nature!

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